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Blackburn Rovers 1 Aston Villa 1: Like playing a pub team for 45 minutes and we still don't win

This was most definitely a game of two halves. In the first, Blackburn were so poor, they actually made us look good. Honestly, this isn't me trying to take something away from the players today, but Blackburn were poor and we must have had 70% possession.

And we had so much space and time and only scored once. This is exactly the reason why Alex McLeish has to be removed from his post. He doesn't know how to send out a team to attack and create chances and win games. I'll prove it below too!

The first half was a walk in the park yet we only scored once. Had Blackburn played any other team today the game would have been over in the first half. Any other team would have scored five in the first half and if you don't believe me, read the papers or watch Match of the Day tonight - Blackburn, in the first 45 minutes were like a pub team playing with a hangover.

Game of two halves

So we went in one up after Cuellar went past two Blackburn players and threaded a ball into the box to Charles N'Zogbia who had five yards of space to shoot and score. Honestly, in their own box. Five yards of open space and it wasn't just then - it was the entire half.

And I'm not exaggerating about the first half; Blackburn were awful. In the second though, they wanted it more and we created next to nothing, which leads me to my point about this useless, honest to God, manager.

He doesn't know how to get his team to attack, create chances and score goals and it can be confirmed right now, by whatever half of the game today you want to pick.

Alex McLeish has to go

In the first, against a pub team, we only managed one goal and it was quite honestly the worst half of football I have seen from a Premier League side I can remember all season and longer.

In the second half, when Blackburn looked like they wanted something, we created next to nothing and conceded and gave up the game. It actually looked like he sent them out to hold on to the lead - but he'll tell you he never did that, but that in itself proves the point and confirms why he has to go.

Write what you want below and vote for your man of the match. I'm off for a beer. This is just too depressing.