Bolton 3 Aston Villa 2: Didn't take our chances

We should have won today by a goal or two because we had the chances and even missed a penalty when winning 2-1, but Bolton had three chances today and they took them all and took them well.

Okay, they might have had more than three chances but they didn't miss anywhere near as many as we did. I'm not joking, we really should have scored four or five more - three of them I would have scored and I'm really not joking.

There is no upside to this result, however we were very unlucky not to take the chances and had we, it would have been very different tonight, but we didn't and well, I have a feeling I know what is coming for the manager, but I have to ask you to just relax a little, if you can and think about the bigger picture. It isn't about instant results and things are better now, than they were a few months ago.

The football is getting better. It isn't all going to happen at once. But if the next thing we work on is our finishing, then we will be scoring more. If we then work on dead ball situations for Ashley Young - we might score loads more, because it really is very poor.

The Team

Friedel, Walker, Luke Young, Clark, Baker, Albrighton, Reo-Coker, Delph, Downing, Ashley Young and Bent. On the bench we have Marshall, Pires, Petrov, Agbonlahor, Heskey, Bradley and Herd.

Man of the Match

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