Bradford 3 Aston Villa 1: Time for Lerner to do something?

I'm really not sure what I can write or what I should write. I'm actually not sure if there is anything I can write that the scoreline above doesn't already tell you.

The thing is, if we were doing okay generally and this happened and was just a freak result, you'd accept it as a freak result, but this isn't a freak result. This sums up the football under Paul Lambert.

It sums up the attitude. Him sitting on the bench, us conceding. Us losing. I fully expect the same comments from him in the post match interview.

I really do want to believe that Lambert is going to turn things around. I really do want to believe that we are getting better, but this was a team from League Two, or Division Four if that is still how you think about it like me.

This is a match we should have won and there is no excuse. And please, nobody bring up Arsenal, that was a freak result. This was ironically, not really that surprising.

And before I go, the title of this post is a serious question. Is it time Lambert was fired? Put everything into perspective before answering and weigh everything up.

My answer is 'I don't know' but if we could be guaranteed Premier League football next season, I'd say no, because I hope Lambert will get it right, but right now, I'm not certain that we will have that under this manager and he is looking like a bigger gamble now than when we first hired him.