Burnley in the League Cup, Wolves tomorrow and Ashley Young

See what I've done? I've not called him Webcam. This is very likely only a temporary thing because once you get tagged with a nickname like that, for the reasons he did, it is going to stick.

But I mention him because there is a lot of talk about him extending his stay and for me, he has too and not just because I think he is a talent. It is about the brand.

Ashley Young can move to Spurs but it will be a sideways step. Sure, they have Chumps League this season but they wont next and it will be a while before they do again. With us, he will become Mr Aston Villa and in time he will get his place in the England side and in time, if he shows loyalty, it will prove to be the best move for him.

That is just my opinion. I hope he commits his future to Aston Villa Football Club because he is a talent on his day he can beat anyone.

Burnley in the League Cup

The draw has just been made and we landed a home tie against Burnley. Win this and it is another step closer.

I also expect to see more than the 19,000 for this game as people will start to believe it is possible again and they are going to need to attend matches to be in with a shout of getting final tickets, should that come around again.

Full League Cup Draw

  • Ipswich v Northampton
  • West Ham v Stoke
  • Man Utd v Wolves
  • Leicester v West Brom
  • Aston Villa v Burnley
  • Wigan v Swansea
  • Birmingham v Brentford
  • Newcastle v Arsenal

Wolves in the League

We travel to Wolves tomorrow for a five past two kick off - strange time that, but I guess they need time after the midday kick off to allow all the pundits to have a say before turning their attention to what I think will be the game of the day.

Match post tomorrow with build up from about the time I get up, but I think you have to have a cheeky bet on an away win.

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