Carew injured. Time for someone to step up and be counted

Sky Sports are reporting that John Carew has injured his calf and that he will be out for two to three weeks.

Now, this is just Sky Sports, so don't take it as a 100% certainty, but you've got to fancy they are not going to say this unless they are sure and does this start to raise questions about what is going on at Bodymoor?

It probably shouldn't, but when was the last time we had so many injuries? I'm all for training hard but surely a balance has to be found and the older you get, trust me I know this, the harder it gets and your legs and muscles just can't do what they used to do.

Time for Nathan Delfouneso to shine

Gerard Houllier has commented in the press today about Nathan Delfouneso after he rejected his request for a loan move and it makes for interesting reading.

Gerard Houllier
He’s very young and you’ve got to be patient with the young but I think he needs to be a man with muscle, if you know what I mean. It’s different to playing junior football with the youth team. It is a mental thing. He doesn’t have to bulk up, he just needs to be a bit stronger to withstand the pressure of pushing and shoving. He’s younger than Marc Albrighton, Barry Bannan and Ciaran Clark, but he trains with the pros every day, not with the reserves. He’s with us and he’ll be travelling.

Now, size and strength plays a factor, but we've done this to death recently. Does it matter to Messi? Did it matter to Maradona? There is no substitute for talent and ability and while I accept that strength will help or could, I'd rather someone that knows where the goal is and can put the ball in the net.

Now, it looks like the manager has no alternative but to play The Fonz and I for one am looking forward to it and I'd love it if he went out, without this extra strength and shoves it down the throat of the manager - in a nice way mind.

Strength is important, if you are getting pushed about, but if the defender can't keep up with The Fonz or his is a yard away, I'd far rather he has agility and speed. It very much looks like it is his time, if the item from Sky Sports turns out to be true.

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