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Aston Villa supporters want Ancelotti and welcome party at Villa Park

It went a bit silly on Twitter last night after someone Tweeted the hashtag Carlo2Villa. You see after a while, it started trending in Birmingham and London. Trending means it was one of the most tweeted hashtags on Twitter last night and for a few hours, it kept going and going and going.

Now, I'm not entirely sure who started this but I think that accolade is going to go to Rich Morris who Tweeted me about 13 hours ago with it and then me and 17 other people re-tweeted it (sent out again), before quite a few more people started sending it out.

So, after loads more people sent it out, it started gathering pace and even more sent it out. The whole thing started when some speculation appeared that Carlo Ancelotti had arrived in Birmingham. That doesn't really matter, but what does matter is quite a few people were happy about this and they wanted to let the club know that Ancelotti was the choice.

So by sending this out, supporters were making their opinion heard through social media and I can tell you - the club, from the top, are aware of what happened.

It was clear as day that the supporter choice would be Carlo Ancelotti and that the likes of Steve McClaren, David Moyes and Mark Hughes are not good enough and some might even say, not wanted.

Any confirmation or denial

So, it went a bit mad last night and I did randomly ask for any news on Ancelotti from the club and I knew before I got the reply what it was going to say but the reply was very specific.

We're not going to comment on links to individuals (in general and not just to you). I don't want to compromise the process of appointing the next manager and feel that commenting on individuals could do that. We know what we've got to do and will make it happen.

So, there you have it. Supporters don't really want anyone but Ancelotti and I can understand why, as I wrote in my post a few days ago and while I am still not at 100% I have to say of all the names mentioned, he would have the biggest number so far.

Don't all run to Villa Park today

There was also talk on Twitter last night about getting down to Villa Park for 6pm on the sixth day of the sixth month to welcome the new manager, but just so you are aware, the club will announce when they are going to make an announcement and they haven't, but when they do, unless there has been a flat denial that Carlo Ancelotti is not coming, I'd get down to Villa Park if I could.

So, as and when there is an announcement that an announcement is coming, we will let you know here and on Twitter, but on that note, I have to go get coffee and the paper - I have a feeling it is going to be a long day.

If you are a Twitter user - don't forget #Carlo2Villa

Carlo Ancelotti update

Doesn't look like it is going to happen and also doesn't look like any contact was made. The man has spoken to Italian paper La Stampa. Translation from The Independent below.

Carlo Ancelotti
I am in no hurry to coach and I don't need to. I have not been contacted by any club in England and I have not spoken to Roma. It is all fantasy.

I have enjoyed this experience (of coaching in England). I will return to London to organise my life. Besides a six-month break, I have been coaching non-stop since 1995. I will take a year off and look around, study how my colleagues work.