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Carnival Sunday: Liverpool, The Clowns, Barry Bannan and the transfer window

Whatever happens between now and the match, there is one thing I can guarantee about Sunday - it is going to be a day full of emotions.

The emotions will come from knowing it is the last day and that this season is finally over. It is natural to want to enjoy this day more, much like the first game of the season and we will and after the match, someone somewhere is going to comment that the 'wave' from Ashley Young was him waving goodbye.

The thing is, if Young does go, it won't be disastrous. Sure, it wont be nice to lose him, but we have Marc Albrighton and as long as he is looked after and as long as we bring him along in the right way, he will be as good, if not better.

But enough about Ashley Young, let him wave and let the speculation continue. Sunday is bigger than Ashley Young and that I think should say a lot. It is bigger because the club will always be bigger than one player even though I think quite a lot of us would all take defeat right now, if we could be guaranteed Spurs won 5-0.

The Clowns are going down

I know some would like to have The Clowns in the same league and if they manage to survive, it isn't going to worry or bother me, but I'd also love it if they went down. The strange thing is, I've got no issues with other local clubs, but I'd like to see this lot relegated, mostly because of what I've had to endure from some of their supporters in the past.

I really would love it if they went down. It would be what makes this season for me. That and the Manchester United game back in November. I suspect also that Villa Park will have a carnival atmosphere when the players are out, if they do actually go down.

Transfer window opens

So with the season coming to an end, we do have the transfer window to look forward to, because that opens at midnight on Funday.

What this means is players can leave and players can come in. What I'm getting it is this; if these things do start to happen early, I think it just goes to further confirm that Houllier is going upstairs.

And that is why I think we might see movement quite soon and if it does happen, at some stage in the next few days or maybe even months, we will see a new manager at the club. But again, that is only me thinking that.

Some arbitrary news

Before I go today, news just hit my email inbox about a Premier League tribunal that will be starting on Thursday to 'consider the circumstances that led to Martin O'Neill's abrupt departure from the manager's job at Aston Villa'.

This really does all lead to constructive dismissal for me and if O'Neill has taken it this far he must have something. He couldn't have taken it this far on just something that was told to him. O'Neill, while he might be stuck in the 80's when it comes to football management, does like a scrap and he will be able to afford a good lawyer and we are led to believe he knows a thing or two about the law too.

More on this when we get it, but this is what I think happened: Lerner figured out we were going nowhere with O'Neill so when O'Neill asked about money for the summer, Lerner told him 'whatever you can raise, you've had enough'. O'Neill didn't like this, because he had been told and probably has it written down somewhere, that he was to get a certain amount of money. So, he threw his toys out of the pram.

Thing is, things change and just because he was told he would get a set amount a few years ago, business has to adapt to circumstances so there will be more than one way the club can get out of it, if that is what happened, so I can't see us learning too much about what goes on behind the closes doors of this tribunal, although whatever we do learn, we will let you know, but you'll also see it on the BBC website too - they like these things.

Question of the day

Why was Barry Bannan brought back from his loan spell to not even make the bench? I ask this, because I've got a post coming up about the younger players and why they are so important to the future of our football club and because if he doesn't play for ninety minutes on Sunday, if my name was Barry Bannan, I'd be very pissed off.