Clark has gone, bid accepted for McCormack and owner on Twitter again

A lot will be written about Ciaran Clark and how he wasn't that great of a defender and how we got £5mn for him so we should be happy. I think he was worth more and I think under the right manager and the right system he would have shown to be a very good defender.

When you are playing in a team with a poor manager and find the team under almost constant attack, the players that play in defensive positions are simply going to make more mistakes and concede more goals. It's the nature of things.

Next season will be a good season for Clark because he will be playing in a side that attacks and because of that, he will have less to do and he'll make a lot less mistakes. In my opinion, we will regret selling Clark.

But he has gone. And in other news it is getting widely reported that we have had an offer of £12mn accepted for Ross McCormack.

I don't want to harp on about this, but I wrote about it yesterday; we have to start acting like a bigger club. I have no doubt that if Ross McCormack joins us, he will score goals, but is it any coincidence that he's never been promoted out of the Championship and he's also not attracted interested from Premier League clubs?

Sure, he could just be one of those players that does well in the Championship and if he is and he does enough to get us promoted, that will be fantastic. But there are questions about paying so much for a 30 year old. Questions that will only be answered in the season and by him scoring or not scoring the goals that get us promoted.

In other news, the owner has started following me again on Twitter. Maybe he has sobered up. Because apparently 'the only reason he Tweets is for Villa fans to get more understanding'. I think he still has a lot to learn, because we are learning nothing from him.