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Collins okay and an Aston Villa player revolt

I didn't exactly go silly with the beer last night, but I feel a lot like how Brad Friedel looks and I can promise you, it isn't nice. It was this German beer someone left at the house that I got started on and it was a big bottle and 5.3%. I should have known it was going to go wrong when I proclaimed this the best beer ever from Germany.

So today, I sit here with a heavy head and speculation. Speculation of the sort that will make you really uninterested, but nevertheless it is speculation and it is about Aston Villa.

According to the News of the World - a paper owned by the same people as The Sun and Sky Sports - Brad Friedel and Stephen Warnock are going to "seek urgent talks with the club's hierarchy if they press ahead with their plans to appoint Gerard Houllier as manager", because they wouldn't be happy.

They are also going to seek out these talks because Paul Faulkner and Randy Lerner are hiding.

I really don't think anyone sees Houllier taking over as manager, it would hardly be inspirational and it carries the same risk as appointing Kevin MacDonald. It isn't about experience or what they have won - it is about what MacDonald knows, what Houllier will need to learn and the time that takes.

Still, it is just speculation. But if Houllier comes, expect John Arne Riise to follow him on stupid wages to replace Warnock.

James Collins

I just cant see it happening, so I apologise for making jokes about Houllier. Instead, we should move on and talk about the not so serious injury to James Collins.

It appears he has a black eye. That was all - nothing too serious or anything to get worried or carried away with. A black eye. I feel like I've got a black eye today. I'm going for some breakfast which I think will consist of bacon and eggs.