Competition winner, more weekend reflections and VAR

So, having had a few beers on Saturday and writing a post after the match as quickly as I could so I could continue on the path of self destruction, I’m fairly confident that what I wrote then still stands today.

And having watched the game again, I have to say I’m still surprised that we sat back and countered and again, it’s because I didn’t expect that after everything I read from Dean Smith.

And yes, I understand that Spurs got to the final of the Champions League, but they got beaten. And Norwich went to the team that beat them and had a go. They also got beaten last Friday, but they did go down fighting.

But please don’t forget, all I’m saying is that I’m surprised. And judging by the comments of some of the players over the weekend, I think they now know that this is a big step up and they also know that they don’t have the time on the ball they had in the Championship.

The Championship is tame in comparison. A player that looked decent in the Championship, for us or another side, might not look so good in the Premier League. And teams wont survive in the Premier League sitting back and hoping to counter, unless you have a very decent back four and very decent and quick attack.

But that happened last weekend. In Dean Smith I trust and I believe it will change this weekend. In fact, I’m certain. But I also accept there is going to be a learning curve.


I know my views on this aren’t going to be shared by all, but I have to tell you that I don’t like VAR. I don’t like the entire idea of it. Sure, it might mean that some decisions go our way, but it’s also just as likely that some wont.

And because of that, I don’t see the difference other than we are absolutely certain of a decision. And that means when we score and we’re ecstatic, but two minutes later that goal is taken away, the game is going to change.

In ten years, there wont be celebrations when goals go in, we'll need to wait until the virtual referee confirms it. Then we'll go mad. But it's not just about that. It just doesn't feel like football. It's passages of play and not heart and soul anymore.

Football isn't supposed to be this way. I really don't like it.

Competition winner

I exported all submissions from the competition to a Google sheet, then used Google to randomly pick a number. The winner is Gavin, he’s been emailed and his favourite player was Dalian Atkinson. Someone will be in contact with Gavin soon and we will set up another competition soon. Until Saturday and the preview post, I leave you as a not so grumpy old man.