Confirmed: Craig Gardner joins The Clowns from the circus

Craig Gardner has gone. He's going to dress like a clown and play his football at the circus. This news is not really news, but it's getting a mention as it is a dark day for the player - he will not develop with them as they are the typical yo-yo club and it won't be long before they are relegated again.

But Gardner wanted first team football and I'm sure he is earning a serious amount of money selling his soul. Hell, for the type of money players earn these days, there is very little I wouldn't do. So he gets his wish, he has simply increased his chances of playing regular football, because frankly, the quality of player they have at the circus has just got better with him joining and his chances of playing are greatly increased.

According to reports, he has signed for £3.5mn with an up front payment of £2mn to be followed by an additional £1mn and £500,000 in add-ons, I'm assuming based on appearances. Will that count if the football is played in Division One?

Anyway, good luck Craig, not that you really care what a blogger writes, but I really do hope it works out for you because well, you're Villa and you know it.

Craig Gardner joins the circus