Done deal: Aston Villa have a new owner in Dr Tony Jiantong Xia

We're waiting for confirmation from the Premier League but by all accounts, Aston Villa have a new owner. His name is Dr Tony Jiantong Xia and the company is called Recon Group. Our job now is to stand back and watch what happens.

We are going to be told he has an Aston Villa tattoo, he's an Aston Villa fan. We're going to be told a lot of things. I hope that this time, many don't make the same mistake they made last time. Now we sit back and watch and hope. Allow blind optimism to creep in, but do not let it take you over.

And regardless, the new owner joins at a difficult time and it has to be something we factor in when thinking about this task ahead of him. If Newcastle confirm that Red Rafa is staying on, I think it is fair to say they will do very well next season, even though Rafa has no Championship experience. So our new man has to make the right decisions very quickly, with little to no room for error. It isn't going to be easy and it's going to take bold and brave decisions.

And if reports are true, he's going to take on the role of Chairman which means Hollis has done his job and he can move on. But then it means we will have a new CEO joining and by all accounts, it could be the ex-Everton man. Someone with close links to the game and David Moyes. Close links to the game is the important thing.

Moyes for me, you all know, is the man we need to get us out of this mess and for me, he is the one that would have Newcastle fans looking at us saying that we are fancied to come back at first time of asking. But the Championship is a tough league and these first decisions are vitally important.

One thing is for sure; it's going to be an interesting few days and one that is going to keep us all interested. And it's now time I read up on Championship rules.

Randy Lerner

I don't think anyone can say Lerner didn't give it a go and as far as I'm concerned, I thank him and wish him well. I hope he's done a good job in finding the right owner to take us on, but only time will tell. I want to stress that; only time will tell. But that was his promise, so until we can believe otherwise, I will take him on his word.

So thank you Randy and welcome Dr Tony Jiantong Xia. And for the record; I remain sceptical ... but more on that another time but to use an old phrase; actions speak louder than words. But appointing Moyes would be huge - anyone else and I'm not so sure, but I've written than many times before.