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Aston Villa sixth, Everton up to fifth and Birmingham City are back in the Premier League

It is possible that we will finish the season out of the top six, but it's not very likely. All we have to do is pick up three points from a possible twelve and we will have confirmed our place as a top six team. Tonight we are sixth, but if we win tomorrow night we will go back to fifth and we'll also guarantee a top six finish.

If we win tomorrow night and win our remaining games fifth place will be ours and that will be seen by all as an improvement on last season. Even if we only finish sixth, while it might not technically be an improvement, as in not finishing higher than the season before, I know I predicted sixth and I seem to remember it would have satisfied me at the start of the season and I also think most will be satisfied too.

But for now, Everton are fifth and they deserve to be fifth, but we might steal it back from them tomorrow and if we do, it's going to make the remaining three games just a little more interesting. But we need three points tomorrow if we are to go ahead of them, one won't do it.

If we do finish fifth, we will have improved and to do that against a team like Everton, who finished fifth last season, will make it even better. To finish fifth though, chances are we're going to need to do better than the 60 points we got last season while Everton might not need to do as well as they did last season, so it is very much in our hands now.

But to the interesting news from today; Birmingham City, who will from this day forward be known as The Clowns, are back in the Premier League. The Clowns nearly didn't get automatic promotion and needed to win at Reading today to be sure of it but they did and they are back.

While it doesn't bother me having them in the same league and the two games are going to be the first I look for when Sir Alex has approved the fixture list for next season, I still hope for them to get relegated and if they do it will be the icing on anything else we achieve next season.

Still they are up and no doubt some of their supporters will have renewed optimism and as and when the games come around next season it will get a little lively on here, but until then, I hope they enjoy the success they've had this season, as I fancy it's going to be a struggle for them next season.