Every day is precious and you've wasted one Randy Lerner

Mathematically, we can still go down, but can we accept that if that happened it would be a miracle. Put plainly the season is officially over. And Randy Lerner said he was going to address speculation at the end of the season.

Sure, that wont be coming this week, but every day he isn't acting is now a day wasted. Next Sunday at midnight the transfer window opens and like it or not, you're no longer in this season, but the next.

I don't expect anything to be told to us as our owner doesn't care. I think he looks at us as something he picked up on his shoe when walking the dog, but he could fire Paul Faulkner, to show us that he is aware of the problems and something is happening.

But again, that wont happen, but if rumour is to be believed, Paul Faulkner is desperately looking for a job in football as his world is crashing around him. Talk is he's looking form something in the FA to stay in the game.

Hull of a way to end the season

So, in between Faulkner getting the sack and us learning if we have a new owner, we have Manchester City and Spurs. And that's why it was a good result yesterday. Those two matches are going to be tough and while not impossible, it was a good result yesterday.

We certainly looked good in patches and we created the chances necessary to win the match and if we played more like that we wouldn't be where we are. It also goes some way to demonstrating that we don't need to spend huge amounts of money.

What it went to show was that actually we can beat sides like Hull. Yes, a little perspective is needed. It was Hull, who happen to be playing in the FA Cup Final in a couple of weeks.

And you know what, with the season over, we might as well just get on the ride and look forward to Wednesday and next Sunday. Yesterday was good, but it was Hull and while I never thought we were going to go down and it really does look like 35 points was more than enough, we should be grateful, because again, it did go too close for comfort.

So, it's just about waiting for the summer. It's going to be an interesting one for Aston Villa. Fingers crossed we get a new owner or Lerner decides to bring in the right people to support the manager. One or the other is needed and it has to happen soon. Every day it doesn't happen, is a day wasted.