Exclusive: Randy Lerner to make available £100 million this summer

Villa Blog Towers have received a document that details how Randy Lerner is freeing up money for an assault on the Premier League. The document also details how Mr Lerner is going to transfer all the debt the club is carrying into shares in the company - in essence wiping out the debt the club owe him and his family foundation. This will also allow outside investment to come in - but requiring a lot more money for even a small share of the club.

This document, titled 'Secret Plan To Make Aston Villa Great Again' is just under twenty pages, has detailed information on all key employees and also details a number of players that the manager has already indicated he would like to bring to the club, along with a new strategy to keep player fitness at peak levels for the entire season, with the terms 'squad rotation' and 'bringing through youth team players' prominent throughout.

Yes, this is an April Fools' Day prank and I know I shouldn't tell you but there is a reason for getting you here. I thought I would use the opportunity to try and do something positive.

Rather than spend £15 on beer tomorrow night, can I ask you to spend £12 instead and donate the £3 difference to Acorns? I will be honest and tell you that I didn't know much about Acorns before the club put the name on the shirt as I haven't lived in the area for quite few years and well, it is a good cause and seeing as the chances are most of us have a spare £3 - why not just do this.

To donate to Acorns, all you have to do is click here and it can be done via Paypal via Just Giving.

So, £3 isn't much, more if you can do it and I apologise for getting your hopes up. Match preview coming up later, but for now, if every visitor to this site donated just £3 - it would quite a large amount and while we might never have a need for Acorns or there might not be any connection other than your football club, I promise, after you've done it - you will feel good about yourself for the rest of the day.

So, simply click here if you can. If not, email the link to someone who can. Thanks and again, apologies for getting your hopes up - but it could happen - you never know.