Fabulous Delph, Spurs up next and the transfer window

Well, last night was fun. The passing was good and control was excellent. We looked composed and created space and time. Okay, the quality of opposition could have played a part in all that, but we still looked good.

And looking good and winning is all part of the fun. Picking up Spurs at Villa Park in the next round made the evening just a little bit more interesting too.

Very good goals from Weimann, Benteke and Delph and I mean very good was just a little bit of what separated us. There was also the passing and movement and all round play. It could be argued that they gave us too much space or you could suggest that we were just quicker and better.

I'm not sure what one it was, so I'll settle with a combination of both. But there was a growing confidence in the match and I hope it is something we can bring to the Newcastle match next month.

Man of the match

This is a tough one. Initially I was thinking Gabby. He did a lot of running and played a key role, then I started thinking about El Ahmadi who was also an important player last night. I also liked the way Joe Bennett played and this could go on, there were lots of solid performances.

But, I'm going with Delph, because not only did he score, he also put in a solid performance and I think a man of the match award is a match or two overdue. The lad has it and in a year or two he's only going to be much better and right now, he's very good.

And on that, I'm going to read the papers to see who we are linked with today. There is going to be movement soon ... I can smell it.