Faith, Rapid Vienna, James Collins, Randy Lerner for a moment and John Carew

It is easy to understand why so many people are frustrated. If you were to transport the Rapid Vienna squad and put them in the Premier League, they would struggle to finish top half and it is possible that they would find themselves in a relegation battle.

It started well. Okay, we conceded a goal after 15 seconds but our game started well and Martin O'Neill started the team in a 4-5-1 formation leaving out Stan, Delph and Gabby and we did pass the ball and we did try to play differently.

But this isn't about last night and in fact it might be best I don't talk about last night until next Thursday because I might just start with O'Neill giving up on this tournament too, because he didn't play his best eleven last night.

Anyway, we have some rumours. First up is we are after West Ham defender James Collins and Martin O'Neill has told West Ham he will pay anything they want for the Welsh international, because he is the best defender to ever play in the Premier League and he absolutely, must try his wee hardest to have him.

I am sorry about that. I have faith in O'Neill, in so much that I believe right now he is the right man and I also believe we will have some proper money next summer where he will be able to properly strengthen and that extra year he will get will be very important.

Changing a manger now is a huge mistake. He was the right man at the beginning and he was the right man last summer. He is still the right man, we just need the right owner.

Talking about Lerner, actually, I don't want to. Let's talk about Birmingham City getting sold for £81mn instead. Laughable really isn't it. Still, there must be something in it for all these foreigners or are they all just hear for the love of the club?

Last bit of news today is that John Carew pulled himself out of the team last night because of a virus. So, that is a dodgy toe on Saturday and a virus last night. What will it be next, his bad back will be back?

I'm off to cut my getting long grass and I'm sort of expecting something from the club today about a new player, talk from last night is that Distin is a done deal.

I'm also expecting more than the 60 odd entrants we have or this competition I put up last night; VIP tickets to a black tie event to watch the team from 1982 getting inducted into the hall of fame!