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Fears that opening match of season could be postponed and Jean Makoun

Sometimes all a player has to do is something simple. Mellberg did it with a comment and Jean Makoun might have done it by appearing in a video with his Aston Villa shirt - you can check it out below - not a bad song either.

But this isn't about a YouTube video as there is every chance the opening match of the season might be called off, so this is about something else.

I'm not sure what these riots are really about anymore. Is it about one man getting shot or is it just an opportune moment? I'm not going into it, it isn't my place and I don't know enough and my opinion will only annoy some, much like if I listened to the opinion of everyone that visited this site today, half of those would probably annoy me.

But, for it to start messing with the start of the football season - it isn't right and it is very very wrong.

But nothing is confirmed yet. We will find out later today or possibly tomorrow but with Charlton and West Ham both calling of games for tonight, it doesn't look positive.

So, that is it. The season might not start on Saturday for us, or it might and here is your video. I'm struggling for more.

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