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Final day hopes and mostly just speculation after that

Before the Arsenal game I wrote about the best possible results for us, which were Wigan winning, Fulham winning and Spurs winning. It all happened and it really does make tomorrow interesting.

But we shouldn't be distracted with Blackpool losing at Old Trafford, The Clowns losing at White Hart Lane and Wigan drawing at Stoke ... should we?

That is my bet of the day and for my £10, if those three results happen, I'll be banking £82 - not the best odds for three predictions, but I'll happily take it. That is basically my hope for tomorrow (you can get those odds here too)- that and three points for us with some of the younger players getting a deserved game.

Saturday speculation

I don't know where all these stories start. One I read yesterday, on the Guardian website, suggested that the club were delaying making a decision on Gérard Houllier's future until the dispute with the previous manager was over. I don't understand that, I really don't.

I also don't understand how the Guardian could have got that news either. What question would they have to have asked to get that response and only that. It reads more like a statement and when things don't make sense to me, it puts me in conspiracy mode.

The decision on Houllier should have been made within a day or three of him going into hospital - the risk is too great and the job too important and I'm convinced it has, because the people at the club are not stupid. I just think it a little strange to wait until the dispute is over - or am I missing something?

The new manager needs to be announced in the next two or three weeks and anything other than that is only going to impact next season and I really do think it will happen, because once again, the people at the club are not stupid. The story though - it baffles me.

New keeper

There is a rumour that we are going to offer £10mn for Ben Foster from The Clowns. I like Foster and think he is a very good keeper and he is too good for the second division which is hopefully where he'll end up tomorrow. But, it is just a rumour and there will be a lot more of them over the next few weeks.

So, more tomorrow but before I go, one last thing on Houllier as I think this needs to be said so people don't start getting mixed messages or think I'm contradicting myself.

I've supported Houllier from day one. I also said on day one however that I thought he was the wrong choice, but he has been fully supported and during times when there was talk of protests from other people and calls for him to be sacked. I've tried to look at the bigger picture, so when I talk about a new manager coming in now, it isn't because I think Houllier has to go - to me it is just common sense.

However, if Houllier stays on and I really can't see it happening as it doesn't make any sense to me, I think he will do much better next season and I think many are going to be happier, but again, I really can't see it happening. So, this isn't me saying he has to go and I'd have been more than happy him staying on, but we have to move forward and I just had to get that out of the way, so thanks.

Right. Coffee and cold toast.