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Football is back, Liverpool are the most disliked team, who exactly is Danny Fox and football betting

It's quite a relief that we've finally got a proper weekend of football after the misery that was the international break and while we have to wait one extra day to play United, we've still got tomorrow and well, it's good enough and much better than last weekend.

So, turning back the clock a little, I'm starting the weekly football punt again, but this time, it really is only going to be one bet and three to five matches. It started to get a bit silly when I last did this; if I lost I chased the losses and if I won, I tended to bet all the winnings. Not what you are supposed to do.

This time, it's going to get done properly so this weekend I'm having a tenner on Newcastle, West Brom and Bolton. If all three win, I'll be walking away with £247.50.

Moving on, as I've had my fix for today, it appears, as far as Aston Villa fans go, that Liverpool is the most disliked team. I asked the quick question yesterday and they came out tops with 31.6% of the votes. Spurs came in second and were closely followed by Manchester United. You can see the full poll results here.

I wasn't surprised but I have to say I didn't know it would be them but I can clearly understand why. Now, I don't want to get into a slanging match with any Liverpool fans, but they do have a lot of fans outside of Liverpool and I don't know if this is true or not, but someone did tell me that in Liverpool, most people support Everton. Could that be true?

Lastly today, a rumour and this time it's left back Danny Fox from Coventry. He's 22 years old, plays at Coventry and has played at Everton and Walsall although it's another player I've got to hold my hands up about and say I can't tell you any more about him, so if you do know something about him, tell us below.

That is about it, but in case you didn't know, Marky Mark has predicted a 2-0 win to Manchester United on Sunday. In his prediction he's also suggested that Martin O'Neill might go back to the 4-5-1/4-3-3 combination. Let's hope Martin O'Neill reads the Marky Mark predictions every week and takes everything Marky Mark says on board.

I'm off to have lunch and then I'll be back soon to tidy up abusive comments from Liverpool supporters from London, Birmingham and Manchester - in fact pretty much everywhere but Liverpool.