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Football isn't fair: West Ham 2 Aston Villa 1

We missed a penalty, Green made a couple of fine saves and we had an Ashley Young cross go in to the back of the net and it was stunning, but it wasn't enough to beat West Ham.

Bottom line, had it remained 1-1 and West Ham hadn't scored in the last minute, then we would have been the happier team as West Ham basically played better football. Sure, we had our fight and determination, but that was all. Had we scored the penalty though and the cross had gone in a few moments later as it did, we might have fought and got something, but it wasn't to be. Football isn't fair like that.

The thing is, are we really surprised? Every week we hope that it will get better, but it doesn't does it. Yes, we fight and yes we are determined, but if any of you would have been surprised with us walking away with a point tonight you are only kidding yourself. As it was, I was surprised we lost, because I thought we did enough and I would have being happy with a point.

West Ham lost two players in the first twenty minutes, brought new ones on and the football stayed the same. They passed, they created space and they did all the simple stuff very well. I was actually disappointed to see Heskey replaced at half time by Reo-Coker because while he was playing on the left wing, he was making space and playing clever, yet simple football. Most importantly, he made himself available.

But, none of that really matters right now. We lost away to West Ham, the team sitting second bottom of the table at the start of the night and I don't know how to hide away from that.

The post-mortem will be late tomorrow as I have two early meetings before I will get a chance to even look at the papers, but there will be something early if there is something, but it will be short.

On that note, I'm going to go prepare for them, because thinking about our football doesn't actually fill me with glee at the moment I'm afraid and I'm starting to think that it wouldn't' matter who we brought in because I don't think the passing game or creating space game of the keeping the ball game or the crossing game is even talked about in training.