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For one day only, you are the Aston Villa manager

I´ve just read two interesting headlines that were both different stories but point to the same thing, so while I fancy that the thing both articles come to is going to happen, it makes for an interesting question, which I thought I´d ask in a poll.

The first headline was that Harewood could be recalled from his loan spell at Wolves and the second was that Martin O´Neill hinted that Nathan Delfouneso could be starting.

What that suggests to me is that Gabby will not be available for selection and is probably not fully fit and that one of these two players will be starting.

It also suggests that the manager isn't going to change the formation to 4-5-1, 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1 or whatever you want to call it, but I don't think that such a bad thing if you are going to play with John Carew as I don´t think his strength is playing as a lone striker, although now I come to think of it, it might actually be quite interesting to see and it would mean our midfield is tighter and that Barry is given a little more freedom. It won't happen and I'm taking this down a path we've gone down too many times now, so I'll move on.

The question is, which one would you pick to play in place of Gabby? You do have some things to consider; Delfouneso is a talent and he has scored for us when he's had the opportunities but on the other hand we're playing West Ham, a club Harewood used to play for and you have to fancy he is a confidence player and that he might be high on it at the moment.

It's not as easy as just picking a player, I nearly did and then I thought better of it and changed my mind and this is an important game for us, one we need to win.

So, you are the manager of Aston Villa and you get to decide. Pick to the right and we'll see this time tomorrow who the winner is.