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Fulham 0 Aston Villa 0

Only one team drew more matches than Fulham last season and that was Birmingham City. Fulham have a new manager, as do we, but we shouldn't be surprised and we should expect more.

And I've already read the excuses about this result and how Fulham is a hard place to go and how we should be happy with a point.

Well, for the record, I'm never really happy with a point, but I'm far from surprised with it today although I'm surprised we didn't score, it seems like a few years since we haven't scored at Fulham, but I could be wrong.

So, that is that. A point at Fulham. Nothing to write home about and nothing really to write about, ut I bet our manager has something to say, I'll go look.

Turns out, he has quite a lot to say about it.

We have started the league with a very good away point. Anybody coming here will find it hard. Fulham have taken some massive scalps over the years. They are a team full of internationals.

The clean sheet does us no harm at all. That's great for the confidence of the back five. I remember when I had clean sheets in my playing days, I was proud of them. You feel the same as the strikers do when they score a goal.

There was some great defending from the lads - players throwing themselves and launching themselves to block balls on the edge of the box.

That's terrific for the cause. Fans will love players who do that. Shay was great. His experience tells him to go into the right positions. You might have seen other goalkeepers diving for one or two of them that came point-blank at him. But that's the experience of a great goalkeeper.

They were important saves for us because I was a bit disappointed for the boys that they came in at half-time without a goal to their name. I thought they played very well first half. We had one or two good chances.

We certainly had our moments. Gabby worked his socks off, Fabian had a great start to the season. He's a talent. Emile did a great job. But I could go through the whole team.

Marc came on and gave us a lift too when we were not in our best moment in the game. First half, we did really well. We had chances through Emile one-on-one with the keeper where he tried something and it didn't come off. James had a free header from a great free-kick. There was a lot of good initiative on show.

Towards the end, we had a couple of little moments too but Fulham were definitely brighter than us in the second half before I made the substitution.

Man of the match

If you haven't already seen it and voted, you can vote for your man of the match to the right. Based on what he had to say, I feel as if I should put the manager in, I think he deserved it and without his subs, we might not have lasted.