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Fulham 3 Aston Villa 1: The poor lambs were tired, or is that burnt out?

What can you say about a result that maybe wasn't expected but isn't surprising? I know what Martin O'Neill will say; they looked jaded, we've done fantastically well with such a small squad and that he's disappointed because we had our chances. When he does I'm going to cringe.

Well, all of those flimsy excuses all boil down to one thing and that is the lack of quality signings from Martin O'Neill in the last four transfer windows, so if anyone has to take the blame, it is him and instead of all this blarney, it would be nice if he took responsibility.

As for bringing off our two full backs in the 64th minute to be replaced by Heskey and Reo-Coker, it's starting to look like the only thing Martin O'Neill knows what to do is motivate players. I'm sorry for coming across a bit harsh today, but you know I think Martin O'Neill is the right man, it's just that I know what excuses we are going to get and it's bloody annoying.

I mean, we all knew we were going to beat Hull last weekend because Hull are awful, but the nine league results previous to that are not that surprising and while I know I'm blowing my own trumpet a little here, I predicted the three before Hull, only because I can't see us winning playing the way we are. But I know, they're tired and we have a small squad.

In my match preview I did say I fancied we'd get beaten, but I also said, I thought the draw the most likely result. How wrong was I?

Today, we were beaten by a team that passed better, kept the ball better, crossed better and defended better. These are four extremely important things a team needs to be able to do to be successful and I know you don't need to be told this, but why has our game gone to pot since signing Emile Heskey in January?

Anyway, please vote for your man of the match and tomorrow we'll be doing a post-mortem and I think I'm sticking with the name, as I like it, but for now, rather than bang the drum some more, I'm going to leave it alone.

But I will say this, as it was picked up on in an earlier comment I made, what value is there in letting our 'jaded', 'burnt out' players having an extra two or three weeks off? I mean, we are going to finish 6th in the league because I fancy it's too late to change it around now, but why not play the kids and give some of these players a break? Surely then, with all the quality signings we are going to make and the extended break, we'll have no more excuses net season?