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Gabby called up to senior England squad

A bit of a surprise this, but according to the BBC, Gabby is back in the senior England squad for the World Cup qualifier against Ukraine.

Obviously I'm happy for the lad, but I don't quite understand it. Only a few days ago, he left the U21 squad through injury. Surely him going into the senior England squad is a risk that we, as a club, don't need to be taking.

Well, I've just checked and it is official, it's on the club website, but if anything goes wrong, I'm sure Martin O'Neill isn't going to be too happy.

For those that didn't know, the match against Ukraine is tomorrow, kick off is 8pm and it's from Wembley Stadium. Peter Crouch is probably going to lead the line, but you never know, Gabby might get on and imagine what a goal would do for his confidence.