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Games this weekend, a bit of class and Zoo

I've had a busy week. Alex McLeish has too. Not in the real transfer market but he's changed his fantasy football team around more times than Martin O'Neill changed where Emile Heskey was going to play.

That is a selfless plug because our game starts in a couple of days and you really do have to have a team. It is free, super easy to pick a team and even a trained monkey could join our league and there is a joke in that, but I'm staying clear of it for now. To top it all off, we are also going to have prizes again.

So don't do it for me. Do it because you like beer or t-shirts. Do it because you think you're better than Alex McLeish and prove it. Click here to sign up and when you've picked your team, join our mini league. The pin is 163802 and the password is blog1234.

A bit of class from a Premier League footballer

Now, I don't often say this about football players, but what Brad Friedel did, when writing an open letter to Aston Villa fans, was pure class. If you haven't read it, click here, but to summarise, he is saying thanks and explaining why he left.

He didn't need to do this. We all know why he left and we would have all done the same. But he did. That is why he'll get a good reception when next at Villa Park and rightly so.

Visiting the Zoo

I've been busier that McLeish this week and one of the things I've done is give a prediction for the season to Zoo. You can read it here but all I'm basically predicting is one of three things - a surprise, acceptance that this is all we are going to get as Aston Villa fans or a sacking by Christmas.

I've also visited a few other places recently. Something on Goal about the upcoming season, a view from the enemy on Republik of Mancunia, something on the Chelsea Blog and something on Back Page Football. More coming up next week and I'll drop links - mostly for my vanity. That was a joke.

Football on Saturday

So, we will find out today if there is football on Saturday. I think there will be, especially if the Police in London act like the Police from Manchester. Do you know what I'm writing about?

In one of the tabloids this morning there is a story that Manchester Police are going to be probed for an 'attack' on a looter. The story is that they were a bit too hard and hit him up to four times. I'm not one for mindless violence, especially from the Police, but if you're going to loot and going to provoke, then you deserve a slap and smack.

We either want the police to be able to control these thugs or we don't. I say put the fear of God into them. they might think twice about doing the same next year.