£50 from each Aston Villa fan at Villa Park is what Gareth Barry left for

Gareth Barry comes back to Villa Park for the first time on Monday evening when Manchester City visit and did you know that the reason Barry left Aston Villa was for £50.

Not just one £50 and not just once, but £50 from everyone inside a full Villa Park once every season. That is the difference between what he could have made if he had stayed, at the club that made him a millionaire and gave him international football and what he is now earning with Manchester City.

You will be forgiven for thinking it was for Champions League football, as that was the garden path he led us down, but we shouldn't hold a grudge and every time he gets the ball on Monday, instead of booing and breeding that negativity, can I suggest you hold up a £50 note instead?

Naturally, we can't stop supporters from booing and if O'Neill and the players got booed against Wigan on the first day of the season, you won't be surprised if Barry got booed, but it isn't nice. Saying that, he did sort of stick two fingers up at Aston Villa.

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There is an element of risk in holding up a £50 note however, so instead, we thought we'd provide you one that you could print off. It isn't a real £50 note, but it will work and get the message across. We've even provided it in a high resolution image here for you to download, that has three of them on, so if you are feeling generous, why not see if you can pass one to him.

So, rather than boo, welcome Gareth Barry back to Villa Park with a £50 note, because that is why he left.

Click here to download your Bank of Barry £50 note