Gareth Barry, Gabby, a rumour and a song: Friday means beer and Saturday means football

I had my post done, it was spell checked and I even put in a YouTube video then I went and closed it without saving thinking it was something else.

I'm going to try and recreate the post, the post that could have one day won me a real independent prize where I didn't have to drop links or allow cheap advertising to get it, but I'm not sure I'll be able to, it was unique.

Anyway, it started along the lines of me loving Friday, because I could have a beer tonight and because when I woke up tomorrow morning, there was football to look forward to. It then went on to Gareth Barry.

Bottom line, Martin O'Neill was asked about Barry and he basically said, because he knows something is happening, that it isn't going to be an issue this summer. That reads to me like Barry made a deal with the manager and the manager knows he is off.

However, it wouldn't surprise me, having watched Liverpool a few times this season, if Liverpool didn't want Barry any longer. Don't get me wrong, Barry has had a decent season, much better in November, December and early January as he had a little more freedom and that is probably how Liverpool would want him to play, but Liverpool have had a very good season too and I wonder if Barry would fit.

I'll be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if Barry committed to Aston Villa even though he said a few months back that he won't commit unless we were to get Champions League football. Last summer, there was literally no going back, well there was then and I suspect there could be this summer also, but only if Rafa doesn't want him and Aston Villa spend early and properly.

But Barry really is for the summer, now we move on and top of that list is another striking prospect called Fraizer Campbell. Don't we already have two hot prospects, do we really need a third?

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for finding talent but rather than pay for a prospect, we should be developing our own and buying in quality. Save the money Martin, I suspect you're not going to be able to waste too much.

Lastly today, because I'm fearing I'm going to lose all this post too, we have a little look at an interview Gabby gave the Telegraph.

In it, he talks about the cheers he got when he was substituted against Spurs. The cheers were directed at Martin O'Neill, not Gabby, as it was clear the lad was tired, but the media and now even Gabby, are taking the way out of context. Gabby has even suggested he's just going to ignore the fans from now on.

But that's fans for you. It's not just at Villa, it's the same at most clubs. Eboue got it at Arsenal, didn't he? If they're used to winning games they turn quite quickly and look for people to blame when things go wrong. I think to myself, if they want to do that then I'll block it out and just play my own game. Pretend I can't hear them, even when I start playing well again.
Gabby Agbonlahor, April 24th 2009

Gabby is entitled to his view and opinion on the supporters, but it's the supporters that pay his wages and buy him his expensive toys. However it was nice of him to recognise that he has been playing shit.

Anyway, there was a little bit more to the original post but I'm now running short on time, so I'm going to leave you with this.