Given, tickets, transfer window prediction and a point

We will win this weekend. Blackburn at home, all things considered, should be three points or am I going to read something about how Blackburn travel well and we should be happy with a point as it is a difficult game and still early in the season?

I'm not having a pop at anyone with that, but I'm still gutted we didn't get three points last weekend. Okay, Fulham are decent at home, but if we want to have any aspirations of finishing in a top six place we've got to beat Fulham or be bloody disappointed if we don't. That isn't wrong.

But some are happy with a point and hands up, I'm happier with a point than none, but we needed three. Every game has to be played as if it is the FA Cup Final. You have to go out to win every game and I'm just not convinced we did at the weekend, hence the disappointment.

But enough of that. This Saturday is three points and I'm putting a big pile of cash on us to win, because I just can not see any other result, especially after Blackburn lost to Wolves and seeing the match last night.

As an aside, if you wanted a cheeky bet, put money on Steve Kean to be the first Premier League manager to get the sack this season.

Given and tickets

Right, this is old news and it might actually be fixed, but there are concerns somewhere that Shay Given might not make the match this weekend. I read about it in the comments yesterday, so like I say, it could all be nothing, but it wouldn't be nice.

Don't get me wrong, we have cover and I'm not that concerned with this weekend - I think we will score twice as many as Blackburn will with me in goal, but I'd just like to see a little more of Given and a very small percentage of me does worry about his ability to play the season, but it is probably nothing and I'm not sure where that feeling comes from.

Moving on. I read a rumour earlier that there are 3,000 tickets still on sale for the match this weekend, in the Holte End. I only mention this rumour, in case you were in two minds and just assumed the Holte End would be sold out because it was the opening home game of the season, in so much that you could try and probably get a ticket or four, if the rumour is true.

Transfer window prediction

I'm probably going to be wrong with this, but we will get one more player in, because we are going to let Gabby and Carlos leave. There you go. Prediction over and it isn't just a hunch, just a mash up of lots of things I've read and a wild conclusion. I'm off for a pint.