First signing of January: Gueida Fofana

I'm putting this down as news and not speculation as I want it to be true, despite knowing very little about the player. I'm getting carried away with what I've read in the paper and I should apologise for that up front, but let me continue.

His name is Gueida, Gueida Fofana and he plays for Le Havre. He is only nineteen years old, but is the current France U19 captain, has represented France at U20 level and the paper I read this morning tipped him as the next, how many times have we read this, Patrick Vieira.

The fee is believed to be £800,000 and while I can not say for certain I have seen Le Havre play this season, I've watched a bit of French football so when I say I know very little about the player, it could actually be all I know about the player is what I've read in the paper and on his Wikipedia page.

But, the paper did say something that got me interested.

Liverpool and Chelsea have also followed his progress, but Houllier's links have proved decisive.

Now, I can get as carried away as the next man and because of his age, you'd think he might not be bringing him in as a starting player, but at the same time, he could get thrown into the team as he has played a bit already this season so should be match fit.

This is I'm afraid, until the club confirm it,just speculation, but I'm looking at it as a sign the club are going to back the manager and if the manager is bringing him in he must have faith in him. It is also a good sign that the manager will act quickly and that also, to me anyway, it suggests this wont be the only player coming in.

If the next signing is a proven goal scorer and we get news of it tomorrow, I'll be very happy. Let the rebuilding process begin.