Have Aston Villa seen the last of Luke Young? I think so too

I like Luke Young and while I've never come up with a nickname for him, that is because he just seems like a nice bloke and you all know what I mean; hard working, honest and will do anything for you if you ask. That's it, he has a nickname; Kevin.

We all know a Kevin. Someone that turns up for work on time, will always buy a round at the pub before getting told it is his round and will be one of the first to offer help if and when things start to go south.

He comes across exactly like that too, when he spoke to the Express & Star recently about his time at Aston Villa and how he thinks he gets judged differently to other players.

Not a fair fight

Luke Young from Express & Star
I've been fighting for my position, but it never seems as if it's been a fair fight. I don't want to leave Aston Villa because it's a great club, but I don't know what more I've got to do to get into the team. I feel fitter than I've ever felt, I'm in the shape of my life and I think my form has been good whenever I've played. Other than the Chelsea game, when the whole team had a nightmare including me, I think I can hold my head up high about all of my performances. It just seems that however hard I work in training or however well I do in games, that I don't get judged by the same standards as some players.

There are certain players that won't say a bad thing about a manager and they are the ones playing. It is the ones that don't play that take little shots and Kevin here is taking a shot. He will be gone soon enough because of this, because it is exactly this type of shot that a manager has to get a grip on and Martin O'Neill is too long in the tooth to know where this can go.

Actions speak louder than words

However, we all know O'Neill has his favourites, we all know his techniques are fairly antiquated and we all know, that if he doesn't do it next season, he'll walk or he'll be pushed. Next season really is the one for O'Neill and this summer really is the one for Randy Lerner.

Luke Young is a very good right back and he should have played a lot more than he did this season but he didn't, can see now that it isn't going to change and he wants off and if the rumours that James Collins wants to do one too, not playing players and retro management could come back to haunt O'Neill.