Houllier does have a signed contract with Aston Villa and Blackburn tonight

We have a match tonight and from what I understand, it isn't on TV and seeing as some of us can not get to Villa Park, it will be the radio. I miss radio matches, so this will be a throwback for me and I'm actually looking forward to it.

Also, I just want to clear one thing up; Gerard Houllier does have a signed three year contract with the club, so if you are reading that he hasn't, don't worry, it isn't true.

But, to the match and again, if you believe what you have read in the papers, there will be changes tonight and none of us should be surprised if this is actually the case. I would actually be surprised if we didn't see changes.

Houllier will have his way of doing things and he will want to start with changes as soon as possible and one day, hopefully this season, we will actually see his side come out and play football his way.

Gerard Houllier
My philosophy is based on skills and movement. Everything starts from the back. In football we always want to go forward quickly but it all starts from the back. You can't play the long ball, the passing and movement starts from deep. Some people like wingers, some like a big centre-forward. I very much like creativity and skill and use of players on the flanks.

Wednesday speculation

I read somewhere this morning that the manager will want to take a proper look at Barry Bannan before deciding to let him go out on loan. This makes sense and I hope it is true. We don't want to be selling the players coming through from the academy - we want them to be playing football.

Back to this talk that the manager hasn't signed his contract. My first reaction on reading about this today was slightly annoyed, as I was told eight days ago by someone at the club that he did sign a contract and yes, this person should know.

So, I've emailed that same person today who has once again confirmed that Gerard Houllier does have a signed contract and that person has also suggested that the comments from Houllier are old. Well, they must be, because the club isn't going to blatantly lie about something like this.

Blackburn live

So, back finally to the football. Somebody I am sure will drop a link to a radio station and as soon as we have team news we will add it. There is a rumour that AVTV commentary is going to be free tonight, so watch this space and as soon as the club confirm it we will let you know.

It is a lovely gesture by the club - and a great way to demonstrate that they can deal with the demand. Something I always thought a concern when I used to use the serve as it always dropped.

Until then, eat, drink and be happy.