Support Houllier, points to be made, West Ham and secret sources

There is a big match coming up this weekend and if we pick up three points, for me anyway, we are safe. We are not safe because of what we have achieved this season, it is mostly because and I've said this for a while now, that there are teams below us that are going to keep us up.

That isn't meant to sound like an 'I told you so', but in a way, it is. It is, because there was a lot of hysterical panic on this site from some people not so very long ago and it wasn't, in my opinion, justified.

I never saw it happening and I can also see many positives ahead from this manager. For evidence of the potential positives, you only have to look at the January transfer window.

It's a 'in the head thing'

Darren Bent, Kyle Walker and Jean Makoun are three players that will help transform the mentality of this club. They might not do it individually, but with three or four more new players arriving this summer, they will be part of the process. And if we cannot keep hold of Kyle Walker, I have every confidence that the manager will bring in someone to replace him that will also be part of that process.

But, this manager isn't going to be here in five seasons time. He might not be here in two and when he departs, for upstairs or retirement, that is when we will see if this plan we are in, is really a plan or just more words to keep us happy.

Paul Faulkner

We believe in the manager and our long-term plans. We want to go into the summer working with Gerard. I believe in what we are doing. This is a great club. We know we are going to have periods of adversity when things don't go our way. But, if you are well run, you will come through those and emerge better and stronger.

Randy Lerner made a mistake with Martin O'Neill. He knows this now, but at the time, it was a risk worth taking. Back to the future me six years and offer me Martin O'Neill, not knowing what I know now and I would have jumped at the chance of having him as our manager. But things didn't work out as they were supposed to, that was recognised and however it happened, he is no longer here and we are moving forward.

Moving forward is a bold statement for me to make, but change isn't just needed on the playing side. Real change is needed throughout the club. What did Villa Fans Combined call it; roots and branch change. We haven't really seen that yet and while there has been change and things appear better, I think we need more and I think Gerard Houllier is the man to help make that happen.

But I also don't think it is going to be roots and branch from Houllier - that has to come from the club and the supporters and it also deserves a post and one day, I will get to it. But for the record, it is about mentality too. That and belief with a pinch of desire.

More than just points on a table

So, to the point of my post today; it isn't just about this manager. It is about the next one and this is where the club are playing their part. They are standing by this manager publicly, they have backed him in January, will back him again this summer and seeing as they have told us of a plan, we can only hope that this plan involves proper footballing foundations from the ground up.

The other point, that follows on from the first one, is that we have a part to play. We need to support this manager and give him a proper chance. He needs to be able to bring in his players, he needs to be able to to transform the football and he needs support. Is it just a coincidence that there was good home support and we won at the weekend?

Secret sources reveal concerns

Before I go today, sources are talking to The Telegraph. Apparently, the source at the club has told the paper that they are very concerned about losses of £37.5 million and the loss of the sponsor. I say, don't worry about something that has happened, worry about increasing revenue to compensate for that loss and putting together packages that make the sponsor want to stay longer, but that is just me.

Sandy Macaskill has also written today that the club are ready to sell Young, as long as someone meets a £25mn valuation of him. I think that makes perfect sense, but that is just me and if he goes, I'll miss him, but he is replaceable.