Ireland, Webcam, Houllier and Carew: Like a playground adventure

I was a supporter of putting Webcam in the hole and I still am to an extent, but I'm starting to think that maybe he doesn't know what he should be doing with the ball and when he hasn't got it.

I also think he is playing too far up the pitch and it is also as if he is playing as a second striker when he should be playing as an attacking midfielder. He also needs to distribute the ball a little earlier and not try three things when one will do.

I am slightly worried though, even though I'm sure the player will come good again, because his attitude doesn't seem 100%. There was a great ball to him down the right from Bannan yesterday that just went out and he looked up towards Bannan and didn't even acknowledge the pass or the vision. Truth is, had Young been a little more aware of what was happening, he would have probably got to the ball.

Bannan showed him in one game yesterday how to play a pass too - several times. Webcam is that kid in the playground that thought he was the best player - took all the corners and free kicks and drop balls but was always living on something that had happened once or twice a long time ago. Webcam needs a good rest of the season and not just a good game any more.

Sunday speculation

We begin with Stephen Ireland. Apparently he is considering his position at the club, after four months, because he has failed to get a regular starting place under Gerard Houllier.

What did the lad expect, joining a club without a manager and doesn't he have a contract? I wouldn't be surprised if he was unhappy and I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't want to come here in the first place. This is what happens when owners start getting involved with transfers and none of us should be surprised.

There is another rumour involving Ryan Babel from Liverpool. He is worse than a lot of what we have, so I'm not even going to discuss it. In fact, I can probably put in a better cross than him.

The last rumour of the day is Webcam and apparently Spurs are interested and the figure getting talked about is £20,000,000.00. That is a lot of money for him, but I'd want more as I think he is worth more, but that is just me. I also think that Webcam wants to stay and I also think he can be a star for us, but this was supposed to be his season and if there was a player of the season vote today, I don't think he'd be in the top five.

A message to the manager

I'm now officially embarrassed by something our manager has apparently said. When responding to the comments made by Carew yesterday, the manager has called the player stupid and suggested that he didn't disrespect the player, but that the player is now disrespecting him.

Gerard Houllier
I think he is stupid. How can he say that? I didn't lack respect to him or anybody. Somebody asked me if it was a good chance for him and I said yes. What do you want me to say? No? I think John is living in the past at the moment. He should look at the figures, how long has he played and how many goals have we scored when he has been playing.

I didn't lack respect to him but in doing that, he is lacking respect to me. I don't question his ability. I am not living in the past. We have been very unlucky with him with injury and illness. I know his ability. If he thinks that me saying yes is lacking respect, then I am not going to say sorry. I feel he should focus on the games, we are in difficulty at the moment. We don't get enough points.

I don't expect to see this talk in the press from anyone associated with the club. What Carew did yesterday was wrong, but at the same time, the manager really should be saying 'no comment' when asked anything about a players contract.

That is my message; keep the childish fights behind locked doors and Mr Houllier, you really shouldn't start throwing around statements about players 'living in the past'. It will come back to haunt you.

On that, I'm off to put some money on Chelsea. I can smell a convincing win.