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Is it really interesting? The FA Cup final and the predictability of today

We might not be playing today but I think most of us will be glued to the TV. The FA Cup is still special, the build up has already started and as it is designed to drag us in, there is nothing we can do about it, but who do you want to win? I'm not really bothered but I would prefer Stoke.

But the FA Cup is later. Before that we have four Premier League matches and while mathematically we are not safe, we could be after today and because the FA Cup is today, all these matches are early today, which does make the day a little more interesting.

Today is also the day that Manchester United win the league again so all things considered, it really is an interesting day for football fans.

Actually scrap that, it really isn't that interesting is it. It is just more interesting than usual because all of these things get confirmed and two of the three are very predictable; we won't go down and we know who will win the league.

News and speculation

So, with everything above happening, time to focus on us. Talk is Brad Friedel has been offered a contract extension, which is good and there is more talk that Richard Dunne is wanted by Norwich, which might be good for him.

There is also talk that Gerard Houllier might make an appearance at Villa Park for the last game of the season. Now, the talk that he is only coming to say goodbye to the supporters is just, like most of the news about us today, just speculation.

Bet of the day

So, to make the day interesting for me, I'm having a Premier League bet. And my fiver is going on Manchester United, Bolton and West Brom. The odds are decent and I'm up this season, so all is fun. Other odds for this weekend below. I'm off for food.