Is Randy Lerner the new Doug Ellis?

There has been many a discussion on this subject and not just recently, but I am now reading about it on the Guardian website and when things like this start to make the papers, well, we all know what happens next.

To make things easy for you, I'm going to basically quote word for word what the very small article says.

Randy Lerner is running Aston Villa "just like Doug Ellis," according to one former senior executive at the club. Long-serving staff, said the former employee, are privately grumbling about Lerner's monocratic style, which they say amounts to a few junior managers and himself through his proxy, Paul Faulkner. The saving grace, says the former executive, is that Lerner "has money" but some even doubt that the benefit will be felt in the transfer market this summer.

Now, I have a feeling this is going to cause some debate and my view on this is sort of known, so I'm not going to go into detail again.

Not exactly for the record, but the crime against Ellis was that he ran Aston Villa like a corner shop. We all have different definitions of a corner shop but Lerner has a net spend of approximately £65mn. (I'm not going to double check all the numbers, hopefully someone will below) in transfers since he took over, which I really quite fancy will double this summer, but if it doesn't, does this mean the 'former senior executive' is right?

Now, we don't know what is going on at the club, but surely the 'former senior executive' does? As General Krulak says, actions speak louder than words, and while I suspect he'll have a lot of words when this hits the forums, well, let's just wait until the summer to see some action shall we.