It's a fact Jack: Nick Shorey joins Fulham on loan

Nick Shorey has joined Fulham on loan until the end of the season and I hope this isn't my prediction coming through. What I mean is, I said earlier that I thought something would happen, but I was secretly hoping for a player or two coming to us.

There is speculation that we are going to make a deadline day bid for Michael Owen and I think I can safely say that if that were to happen it would be fantastic. If Owen knows how to do anything, it is scoring and there is absolutely no doubt he is a quality player.

But, it is just speculation, however with Shorey off the wage bill and Gardner off the wage bill, it does sort of suggest there is now money to spend and it would be needed to bring in Owen as he's not going to come and play for peanuts, but I'm just grasping at straws now.

Anyway, we have a little under four hour to go until the window shuts, unless your name is Arsene Wenger and you get all day tomorrow too. I'll update this page with any news unless it is a signing and then, well, I might fall off my chair.