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It's all about winning: Aston Villa in the League Cup

The League Cup was introduced in 1960 and some say it was because most clubs had by that time introduced floodlights and it meant more opportunities to play football.

Not everyone got involved straight away - it was only when winning it gave automatic qualification to the UEFA Cup that it really became a competition taken seriously and it is a competition we have had some success in.

We've played in the final eight times and won it five times and you might not know this, but we won the first ever League Cup - beating Rotherham United 3-2 over a home and away two leg final.

In 1967 the format changed to a single match final and we won it again in 1975 beating Norwich, 1977 (at Old Trafford, after drawing at Wembley in the first match and drawing at Hillsborough in the first replay) beating Everton, 1994 beating Manchester United and 1996 beating dirty Leeds.

I remember some

I vividly remember 1994 and 1996 - they were fantastic days and I remember ending up at a bar called Junction Five in 1994, just off the M1 - half the pub were Manchester United fans and I were four or five of us Villa fans. I was lucky to get out of there in one piece, but it was all good banter and they took it well, considering they were the clear favourites at the start of the day.

In 1996, I had a Leeds fan with me as the tickets were a surprise from his dad. I don't remember that much after the match, mostly because of what happened before the match, but that goal from Savo put a smile on my face for a week.

Some of you might remember 1977 and 1975 and I know there will be one or two that remember 1960. If you have any memories, please leave them in the comment box below. It will put a smile on your face remembering the day.

It's all about winning

I wanted to mention 1994 and 1996 today, not only because it is Bolton tonight in the League Cup, but because football is about winning silverware. It isn't about finishing 8th or 10th or 15th - it is about winning and putting silverware in the cabinet and remembering that is important. It also makes me feel good.

I hope that my son will see us win something. I hope to see it again one day and I believe it will happen. It wont happen because we get a billionaire owner, it will happen because the game will be fixed and it will be fair again and we can go into a season with hope. I hate going into seasons knowing what isn't going to happen.

So, for those that don't remember and for those that want reminding, the video of the day is from 1996 and when it is over, you'll see more. I'm off to take this smile off my face. Updates and team news as we get them.

Video of the day