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Keane in talks, Petrov talking McGeady, warning for Milner from Downing and fantasy football time

First things first - reports are circulating that Robbie Keane has been given permission to talk to us and you all know my views on Keane so I wont go all limp wristed and write it again - he is a very good player who, if he signed, would walk straight into our team week in week out.

But, give me the choice of Keane or Klaas-Jan Huntelaar and I'd have Huntelaar every day of the week - I just hope, as was suggested in the comments earlier, that we are not paying Spurs for Keane so they can go grab him - talk is he is available.

But, it is just speculation but it is coming from Sky Sports and they don't usually say things like this unless it is true. So, to summarise, Keane would be excellent, Huntelaar outstanding.

What about wee Aiden McGeady

You know there is something going on when your own players start talking about players at former clubs and how they would be welcomed at the club.

Stiliyan Petrov on Aiden McGeady
We have special players here at Villa already like Stewart Downing, Ashley Young and Gabriel Agbonlahor - and Aiden would come into that category. They are the sort of players who can make something happen out of nothing so we would be happy if Aiden came to Villa.

I think he has developed a lot as a player in the last couple of seasons. He's a player that a lot of big teams are looking at presently because you don't see many players willing to take the opposition on.

Like I've said before about McGeady - if he comes he must get a proper chance to show he is capable of doing it. There is every chance he can and I think he might, but he needs the chance - a proper run.

Will Milner play at Manchester City?

Stewart Downing doesn't think he will and he probably wont play every week but he will earn a lot of money - more than he will get with us and that can be a driver. However, I'm not convinced Milner would put money at the top of his list when deciding to stay or go. It will be on the list, but I think Milner has a real football soul and is probably more than happy earning £3,500,000 a season and playing every week.

How wrong is football when £3,500,000 a season isn't enough. I'd eat shit for that money.

Stewart Downing on Milner moving to Manchester City
Will he play? I can't think how many midfielders they've got. I think that will be one of the decisions (that he has to consider): 'Do I want to go there and be a bit-part or stay here and play?' That's totally up to him. I am sure he's probably already made his decision.

Here is a prediction for you; James Milner will finish next season with Aston Villa. If we finish higher than 6th, he will stay longer - probably commit to new contract. If we don't, he'll go, because he has a footballing soul and he wants to win.

Megan Fox is an Aston Villa fan

It is that time of year again - we've set up the fantasy football league and you can read more about it here. The Droyd won the league last season so he has a new shirt coming - you can get one too if you win this season.