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Kicked in the nuts, more when we have news and renewed optimism will come

Somebody asked me yesterday why I wasn't posting as often and I explained it and it made perfect sense, so I'm going to explain it here too and seeing as it felt like a weight was lifted from my shoulders talking about it, I'm hoping it will feel the same to write about it.

First off, there is nothing to write about, but it is mostly more than that, but this point needs mentioning as the vast majority that is getting written about Aston Villa at the moment is pure speculation and seeing as I'm not a reporter tasked with creating words based on something I made up and I'm not connected to Randy Lerner or Paul Faulkner and I don't get the nod, then there is very little going on. Now, if you're here for copy and paste from the club website, you know that is never going to happen too.

But there is another reason and this is actually the main reason and it can be best summed up by saying that I'm still feeling the pain from the kick in the nuts I was given earlier this month.

Setting the bar

And this isn't about Alex McLeish. I've got to reiterate this point, just so I don't have to reference where I've written it before it in the comments, but I have nothing against the manager and given the opportunity we would all have accepted the job. I'm also sure, convinced actually, that he is a lovely bloke and probably a great man to spend a few hours in the pub with and that you don't become the manager of a Premier League club without a certain amount of ability when communicating.

No, he isn't to blame for accepting a wonderful opportunity, but I'm still feeling a little deflated. I'm feeling like I'm a bit out of breath because our owner has now set the bar at a particular level where Alex McLeish was the best we could get. Again, nothing against McLeish and actually you could replace him with any manager, because it is about what you've done and capable of and your record speaks for that, so if it was Bob Roberts that managed a team last season that scored fewer goals than any other team or relegated his side twice and sent his side out to play football the way he did, the feeling would be the same.

Now, this is just how I'm feeling and I feel better after talking about it with someone yesterday and I'm feeling better about it now writing about it, but it doesn't change where the bar was set. It doesn't change what I think is going to happen. It also won't change if we win the first two or three games of the season, because it is about more than that.

It could change this time next year, if we have just finished sixth and I see a massive improvement in the football, but I'm old enough to know that the first season can be much better than everything else that is going to follow, so it isn't just about one season, it is about so much more and I just think that by setting the bar where we have now set it, expectations have been lowered and when you do that, the game is up. If all you are interested in is finishing in the top half and a possible cup run, that is all you are going to get.

Now, nobody will ever say that is where the bar is set, but to use those immortal words of General PR - actions speak louder than words. These actions are not those of someone setting the bar any higher and this isn't about me just having a suspicion, this is about me looking at the numbers and the football.

Nobody should be surprised

So, to write it again, it isn't about the manager and he will get his chance but I suspect if things do not go very quickly right for him then he could be in for a horrible season and if and when that happens, well, it could all be changing again, but that sort of doesn't matter now either as the bar has been set and like I said, when you set the bar at this level, this is what you are going to get.

So, there are not as many posts, because there is nothing to write about that isn't made up or PR from the club. That and I'm still feeling the effects of that kick in the nuts. But, players are coming in soon so that makes it more interesting and by the time the season starts I will have recovered and have a renewed optimism and as long as we have a good start, the manager will give himself some breathing space, but anything less than seven from the first twelve points and I think he is for a rough ride early on and while that will be sad, nobody can say they didn't see it coming.

More posts when we have some news, or, if you have something to say, you can always send it in. You should know how to contact me.