Last night, man of the match, new players and something else

I think it is fair to say that last night I got more Tweets in the hour after the match than I ever have before and the majority were not very positive for the manager. Something needs to happen. Just read the comments from last night if you want confirmation.

I'm not saying the manager should be sacked, but some are playing for him and some are not. Changes need to happen for the manager to really have his chance, but none of this is a surprise, but I am a little surprised it is January 6th and nothing has happened.

January window

Now, you're saying, it's only the sixth of January, why should I be asking for players? Well, whatever is happening at Villa Park and Bodymoor hasn't just started to happen. It's not really worked for a few months and if there is a scouting system at work and if Houllier is planning for the future, then signings should be happening.

Which is why I think we are going to see something and not just the loan signing of Kyle Walker, very soon. Let me put that another way, if Houllier is to stay as manager of Aston Villa and get a proper chance to show us that he still has the fire and enthusiasm for football management, then it has to happen and very, very soon.

But, at the same time, I don't think Gerard Houllier is going to have the final say. You see, the club are not going to spend too much money on someone that will have no resale value, so don't expect a proven game changer. Expect younger, talented players or cheaper, older players that can maybe change or have done but are nearing the end of their careers.

Either way, whatever happens, I can't say this enough today, it has to happen quickly.

Man of the Match v Sunderland

Despite getting sent off, Emile Heskey was man of the match last night according to those that voted here and on Footballocracy and he really was, up until the point he get sent off.

The thing is, his sending off was very unprofessional and a cynical man might even say he did it on purpose. I'm not saying he did, but he knew it would happen and he had plenty of time to think about it, it was as if he reacted to getting a kick - he walked over to him and pushed him in the face.

FA Cup

So, we have the FA Cup this weekend and then a week away from football, which is when you'd expect the signings to come in. Then after that, we have a visit to The Circus.

Signings are coming. The club are backing the manager, so maybe, just maybe, we should hope they back him in the market and act quickly. No messing about now - players are needed now.