Less than five percent think we can compete for the league under Randy Lerner

It was suggested yesterday that we run a quick question to try and get a handle on what supporters think will happen at Aston Villa with Randy Lerner. The question was quite specific; what level of success do you believe Randy Lerner will bring to the club?

Now, we are three full seasons into his ownership and when he first came there was real hope of something happening. Today, I'm not sure hope is a factor any more and if I had to put a word on it, it would probably be reality.

The results speak for themselves. 4.9% of the 309 people that have voted the past few hours think that we will competing year-in year-out at the top of the domestic and European game with regular honours. Had we asked that two seasons ago or even at the end of his second season, it would have been much higher and it should have been, becasue that is what football is all about.

Surprisingly, 10.4% see mid-table finishes with the odd cup run but the majority of the votes went two ways.

The option with the most votes, 42.4%, picked consistent European football with a season or two of Champion's League while regularly competing for domestic cups while 42.1% of the votes went for some European football and maybe a domestic cup or two.

For the record I went for 'some European football' option, but I'll happily change that on September 1st if we have signed the quality and numbers we need and Mr Lerner has signalled his intentions. Until then, I now need to be convinced.

We stood still last season and at the very least we need to do that again and we are not that far off in terms of numbers to do that, but kicking on surely has to be the long term aim and I'm convinced that will only happen with better quality and strength in depth. I'd love Lerner to be that man, it has felt good with him at the club, but he needs to start spending money.

For the full results, click here and as suggested, we will run this again in September and probably February, after the January window.