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Liverpool 5 Aston Villa 0: How will Martin O´Neill explain this one?

I honestly don´t know what to say about this performance that isn´t going to get me into trouble, so I´ll leave most of it to some of you below, but I am going to say for the 176th time that we are a better team when we play with five in the middle and I´m now baffled as to why Martin O´Neill isn´t playing it.

Before the match I was asked my prediction and I gave 3-0 to Liverpool if we play four in the middle and well, while it was worse, I wasn´t wrong. We were basically over run and it´s not just me saying it now, we´ve got the likes of Paul Merson questioning the change too.

In my defence, I did also predict a cheeky 2-1 win to us, if we did play with five in the middle, but while I hoped for it, I knew deep down it wasn´t going to happen and I think that is the most worrying part of where we find ourselves at the minute.

The thing about the result is, people will say that Liverpool are having a good run at the moment and they won´t be wrong but that was probably even more of a reason why we should play five in midfield, specifically to match the five in midfield they were going to play with.

But the match is over and while there appears to be a growing number of people questioning Martin O´Neill, I´m going to stand by him as he´s gotten us to fifth place and maybe, if he had spent more money last summer, we´d be doing a little better now.

My point is, we might not have had the type of money spent we all thought was going to be spent but if we can finish in fifth place this season it will be another season of improvement and while we would have all liked a top four finish, fifth is better than last season and as long as we can keep saying we are better than last season, things can´t be that bad.

Okay, that result is bad, extremely bad, but it could be worse. We could have all grown up with parents that supported Birmingham City and we could have all ended up as one of those.

Today, is best forgotten, but I´m not looking forward to next weekend.