Marlon Harewood set to sign for Wolves

You know what it's like when you read something, which if true you really should know about, then go off looking just to make sure, then see nothing? Well, it's just happened to me.

Now, I'm a fan of Marlon Harewood, but when Martin O'Neill called me up the other week and asked me to sit on the bench against Manchester City, I think it all went wrong for him and I think Harewood finally got the message.

All I heard was Harewood cursing under his breath when he saw me stroll over with bottle of beer and packet of cigarettes in one hand and football boots from 1996 in the other.

Basically, it's not happened for him at the club. But that doesn't mean he hasn't given 110% or that it's his fault. While he's not likely going to be remembered for very long, he'll not be forgotten if him joining Wolves is true.

The thing is, it's the Nottingham Forest manager confirming this, not me just thinking I've read it and getting cold turkey delirious.

Harewood will be signing for Wolverhampton Wanderers, rather than Nottingham Forest.
Billy Davies, March 19th 2009

So, if he does join Wolves on loan, good luck to him. He'll score goals there for fun, you mark my words. Just to finish this off, the talk is loan until the end of the season then a permanent move.