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Martin O'Neill concedes fourth but the journey continues and Liverpool fans know the truth, do you?

I wanted to make this a fairly memorable post as I won't be blogging about football tomorrow but there really is very little going on and who is really surprised after our season as good as came to an end on Sunday?

Okay, mathematically it's not, but that is like saying West Brom are not going down. Okay, they might not either, but it's not looking good and well, it would be a fairly safe bet. I might get a bit of stick for saying it, but I'm only saying out loud what a lot are thinking.

Depending on reports you read though Martin O'Neill has either given up hope on the top four or he hasn't. He said yesterday that there was hope but according to and I'm sure others, he has conceded that Arsenal will probably get fourth.

Are we out of the Champions League? I would not disagree. I think we had to win to keep in touch. It is a result that suits Arsenal. With Arsenal winning yesterday (Saturday) it will now be very hard but we shouldn't just give up the fight like that. Arsenal have some very tough games ahead, so have we, so we just have to go and win them and see what happens. I am not giving up but it will be very hard.
Martin O'Neill, April 12th 2009

You know, deep down, I take the punches and I tend to just go with the flow and I'm back on the train this morning. We've had a fantastic season, we know where the mistakes were made, which is a huge plus point and we've seen real progression.

The key for me is we know where we've made mistakes and we can fix these for next season and I am sure we will, much like I have had every confidence the last two summers. I don't think this time they will let us down - if they do, I'm not sure even I will be able to hold back.

But, it may be over but the journey continues. I have no doubt they'll be a few players coming in and the hope for next season is already positive. Time to see some of these American dollars Mr Lerner.

Oh, for those that didn't know, they'll there will be no blogging tomorrow because of this. Like I've said in the original post, I'm a football fan first and what happened 20 years ago tomorrow still shocks me and after reading about what really happened, it just sort of make s you wonder.

So, if you want to know the truth, click here.