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New kit coming and Laursen on Gabby

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You can order the new kit from tomorrow and it will be delivered just in time for Christmas. I'm not joking - you are going to have to wait and I don't have the dates in front of me but it is the end of September. Want my advice - wait until Christmas when they reduce the price.

I know some are going to get a little annoyed with the release date of the kit but it really isn't anything to lose any sleep over although seeing as the shirt will not be available for the full season - I'd be a little hesitant in paying the full price.

Yes, it is a bit Sunday League, but come on, are you really, deep down surprised that it happened?

We wanted a relationship with a big kit manufacturer and we have it but we also have to understand that there are many other teams ahead of us in this relationship and to top it all off, we only announced our sponsor a few weeks ago.

Martin Laursen on Gabby

He has developed. The good thing about him is he can play that lone role up front. He is strong enough. He can play up there by himself and Villa can have offensive players behind him. He doesn't have to have that partner up there with him now because he is so strong physically.

I'm not going to start banging this drum again - hopefully now that a former player is talking about playing Gabby up front by himself, Martin O'Neill might listen. After all, we had our best run under O'Neill when he did play Gabby up front by himself.

A variation of 4-5-1 is the future. The retro football we get served up by O'Neill playing 4-4-2 isn't going to move the club forward.

We will find out soon enough but so far things are looking up - Webcam is getting played in that man in the hole role and it is also nice to see Albrighton get a few games - this really does have to be his season.

Video of the Day

You'll like this and you'll have to watch more than once. It is a penalty taken by Ezequiel Calvente for Spain in the U19 match against Italy. {rokbox title=|Best penalty ever? :: Aston Villa Blog Video of the Day| text=|Click here to watch.|size=|960 745| album=|demo|}{/rokbox}