No comment: Aston Villa spanked and taught a lesson by Stoke

You know, there are times when saying nothing is the best option and I think after that performance and result yesterday, I think it's probably best that I say as little as anything.

So rather than say anything, I'll let others talk. And I think it might be best to start with the people that are sort of responsible for yesterday. Some players haven't tweeted since yesterday, but some have and our manager has a responsibility to talk, if he can.

And, there were some classics from you lot yesterday, but we'll start with the players.

The players on Twitter

Have I missed a player? They love to Tweet after a win, but that is all I've found, but that doesn't mean there are not more out there. If you find them, link to them below please.

The manager speaks

We were second best if truth be known. We started well but it wasn't good enough. We didn't deserve to get anything from the game. The goals we lost, were really poor from our side. In a strange way when the bigger teams come you are naturally up for it anyway but when you play teams in and about you it becomes reality. These games can be more difficult because of the nature of that but that wasn't good enough.

Strange, he's only just figuring out we're better against the better sides. But I'm saying nothing. Actions speak louder than words and all that and yesterday, we got spanked. Maybe we should have let Stephen Ireland play.