Now Spurs think they can have Ashley Young

There is an inevitability that when you start to get better, the bigger clubs will come looking for some of the players that made you better and the rumour at the weekend that Chelsea were interested in our Ashley Young, while probably pure speculation, does make you think a little.

I mean no disrespect to Spurs when I say this, but the rumour about them wanting Ashley Young doesn't worry me and as such, when we start up a very special rumour box, some day soon, it won't even get put in.

There is no doubt that Young is one of our better players, excellent in a five man midfield and very industrious in a four man midfield, but why would he want to go to Spurs, when everything they can potentially offer him, he already has and a little bit more?

If Chelsea or United come knocking then you'd accept that his head might get turned and it would be difficult to hold on to him, but Spurs came in for him once before and he picked us over them - I don't see what is different now?

There is no doubt, Spurs are on the up with Harry Redknapp and along with Manchester City and Everton it will be us four fighting it out for the scraps next season and who knows maybe even one of us might make it to the big table. One thing is for sure, it will be one of us four that breaks the dominance, but that is exactly why I can't see Young leaving.

If it was a race, you'd say that right now we were fairly level with Everton and that Manchester City are expected to make a big push very soon, but Spurs led this race a few seasons ago and they've dropped off. It simply can't just happen overnight that they regain the lead, although it might not be that long.

Like I've said, they'll come back and probably next season - there won't be a long building process with Redknapp, but ask any football pundit and they'll say the best Spurs can hope for next season is much like I've said above; they'll be one of four teams fighting it out for the scraps.

Now, if we do that thing where we fly into the future for a minute, things could be very different at this stage next season, but right now, Young isn't going to leave us for Spurs, but Spurs with Harry are going to be a team to reckon with next season.

Rumour likelihood: one out of five.