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One more season with Milner and a swap deal on the cards

Well, what did you think of that? The club site are saying it was a man of the match performance from Heskey and when I read that I had to scratch my head. Sure, he had a good game and he set up the Gerrard goal, but when given the opportunity to actually win the game for England he passed to the keeper instead.

Not a man of the match performance. A good performance but had Defoe picked up that ball he would have scored and that would have meant a man of the match award.

But we are not here to discuss England. We are here to discuss Aston Villa and the News of the World have it all today.

They say that Manchester City are not going to pay the £30mn that Martin O'Neill has valued Milner at and that O'Neill wants one more season from Milner - sound familiar? Well, it should, that was what we did with Barry and well, how did that work out?

I think, if the player wants to go, we have to get the most we can, but we also have to let him go. You don't keep rotting food in the fridge.

The other bit of news that the News of the World have is that we are going to open up negotiations with Spurs very soon about a swap deal between Gabby and Keane and well, I wouldn't be surprised if this was true.

I actually wouldn't be surprised if both bits from the News of the World are true today as, in the bigger picture, they both make sense and you know I'm a friend of common sense.

I'm not saying sell Gabby, but if we could get Keane and some cash, I think it represents good business. Maybe a bit harsh and maybe he will come good next season, but maybe he won't and maybe we will have him for years to come and it never happens. None of us know.

It might also be that he needs a change, a new manager to work with him. But if you knew now you could have Keane next season or Gabby and 14 league goals next season - what would you take? Forget everything you know and ask yourself if you want to keep your money in your pocket or do you want a throw of the dice?

That is it from me. I'm off to get ready for Algeria v Slovenia. It could be an interesting match.