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Peterborough video and Aiden McGeady rumour quashed

There is a huge reason why this rumour of us wanting to pay £10mn for a winger who has only ever played in Scotland isn't true and if you haven't figured it out from this opening paragraph, I will explain.

You do not play £10mn for any player from Scotland. It is like finding a player from the Championship and paying £10mn - it just doesn't happen and for good reasons.

There is a huge difference between playing in Scotland every week and the Premier League. Don't get me wrong, Celtic and Rangers could join us in this league and do well in time but no other team.

Now, there could be some substance in the rumour but not at £10mn and if it was anything close to that, by a £5mn plus, I'd start to question the sanity of O'Neill and suggest he has to go speak with someone for an hour each week.

But that is the reason why the price will be nothing close to £10mn - O'Neill isn't mad.

Video of the Day

I'm not a huge fan of pre-season but we do have some video of the Peterborough game for you. Simply {rokbox title=|Aston Villa :: Webcam scores again| text=|click here to watch.|size=|853 505| album=|demo|}{/rokbox}

More rumours

I've got a feeling we have more rumours coming today so we will update this page but for now, this is it. I'm going for a swim.